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  • A community of Wellness Advocates for encouragement and mutual assistance;
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  • Best practices for using Online Classes, Digital TearPads, and Wellness Advocate Websites to grow your dōTERRA business;

While considering new ways to help Wellness Advocates in 2020, I was advised to offer a coaching program with a very high price tag.

A price tag that was a lot higher than I wanted to charge.

So I went much lower.

But still not as low as I truly wanted to go. And so what happened was that many of you contacted me with great interest but told me you still could not afford it.

So I gave the matter some more thought.

One of the focuses in the new year is going to be about how to make things work.

We are going to be (already are!) exploring new resources for your business.

We’ll be building up the theme of continuing education and discussing why that is so important.

Keeping a sharp eye on dōTERRA’s work in the medical world, we’ll be blazing some remarkable new trails (you’ll want to hear all about this!)

And to bring it all together, we are so happy to announce the launch of a new group coaching/mastermind program to provide accountability, direction, and encouragement for Wellness Advocates in the New Year.

We’re calling it Your Virtual Upline.

And I have dropped the price to a point where some eyebrows have been raised in concern.

But I don’t care. It’s more important to me to give as many of you as possible the chance to take advantage of this opportunity.

That’s because coaching is the logical next step after stocking up on lots of EOA Classes and other products (as many of you have been doing!), because now you need to consider just how you are going to use all those great tools.

That’s what EO Virtual Upline is all about.

How many business/educational/info products and tools have you bought that just sit unused on your computer hard drive for months or years?

We’re determined to not let this happen with the EOA Classes and products you’ve spent your hard-earned money on.

So we developed this new mastermind/group coaching program to help you go to the next level using Essential Oils Academy business-building tools.

Here’s a bit more about EO Virtual Upline is and how it works.

We have hundreds of new folks who have joined our list lately, and lots of you picked up a ton of EOA products.

Are you new to Essential Oils Academy?

Or are you a veteran EOA WA in need of a boost to better use the tools you have obtained from us?

Are you hoping to build your business online with all the content we’ve created for you?

That’s great, but…

Do you sometimes feel stuck on how to move forward or what to do first?

Do you have a vision for where you want your business to go, but need a road map to help get you started on the first leg of the journey?

Do you sometimes feel alone because your upline is not very supportive of online building?

Imagine if you had a Virtual Upline to basically take your hand and guide you through the process of using all things EOA to help you grow your business to the next level.

That, along with a variety of other business ideas, as well as guidance and accountability and encouragement, is what you’ll get as a member of EO Virtual Upline Mastermind Group.

So if you are an orphan (or feel like one) and need someone to help you sail through the raging online waters…

If you want to be surrounded by people who share your desire to build online, who support your plan for business growth, and respect your individuality…

You have found the answer: Essential Oils Academy’s EO Virtual Upline Mastermind Group.

In this exclusive, private Facebook Group, you’ll learn great strategies for growing your Essential Oils business online; best practices for using Online Classes, Digital TearPads, and Wellness Advocate Websites to grow your dōTERRA business; and you’ll get special offers, Facebook Live meetings and Q&As with me, exclusive business-building material, and much more.

By the way, you can get one month of EO Virtual Upline Mastermind membership for free when you subscribe to our Business Mentor in a Box.

This innovative product provides Essential Oils social media posts, Classes, newsletters, and a lot more besides, along with a daily and weekly schedule for every week and day of the year, saving you up to 1500 hours of precious business time (and the price on Business Mentor in a Box is lower than we have ever offered before).

But if you just want EO Virtual Upline by itself, you can get it for about the price of a movie ticket.

(But that’s an introductory price; it won’t stay that way forever.)

One final note: I’ll be announcing something soon that every one of you will find very interesting. It’s not a product or anything for you to buy–it’s more of an…experiment, shall we say.

But it’s something that has the potential to create a new and fascinating dimension to your own business-building efforts.

And the thing is, while I’ll be announcing this new project to everyone, only EO Virtual Upline members will get to take part in the experiment. So don’t miss out by not being there!