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Before You Go…

Let us help you get your voice again! As a Wellness Advocate, you know that staying compliant is one of your most important, and difficult jobs. But doesn’t compliance mean you can’t talk about certain health issues at all? Doesn’t it take away your voice as a Wellness Advocate?

It doesn’t have to! Here at Essential Oils Academy, we’ve created a number of strategic Classes on difficult, and even controversial subjects. But we’ve put them together in consultation with dōTERRA’s Compliance department to make sure the language is approved. Within that approved language, we’ve poured all our creativity to help Give WAs A Voice Again!

That’s why we’re offering, only this once, our special Voice Again Package, featuring these remarkable and completely unique Classes:


Essential Oils to address the current Global Health Concern (you know the one: the biggest news story of the year!), and the hope shared through first hand experiences. Includes stories of three survivors, including one Wellness Advocate who fine-tuned this Protocol based on her experiences.

This Class is designed specifically for parents or caregivers of children with special needs,  including physical disabilities, autism, and various develop-mental disorders.

For those who have received a troubling diagnosis. This Class explores natural support of physical and emotional health affected by the diagnosis and the treatment involved.

This Class is amazingly unique, focusing on safety tips, practical pre-cautions, and avoiding the dangers that come from the misuse of  Essential Oils.

A Class to help address new and current Essential Oil users’ concerns about Essential Oils on the market, including questions about fake oils, the importance of purity and testing, and much more.

Here’s what you’ll get with this package:

* The Essential Oils Academy Class Text Master Copy for all five Classes (complete text for each class, to make setup even easier).

* Beautiful, eye-catching images for every post in every Class (formatted for Facebook use).

* The Essential Oils Academy Customer Guidebook for all five Classes (packed with 30 pages of information about the Class, along with additional learning and purchase materials to send to attendees).

* PowerPoint Versions of all five Classes (for use in webinars).

* The Essential Oils Academy Teacher’s Manual (everything you need to set up your classes quickly and easily, including information for your class hostess, instructions for Group and Event classes, and more).

If you got all these Classes separately, you’d pay exactly $50.00. But if you take advantage of this one-time offer, you won’t pay anywhere near that.

You can get the entire package today for only $50 $37.00.

But you know what’s better than that? We’ll also throw in a Free Bonus.

If you order now, you can also get the Digital TearPad versions of all five Classes for free.


  • These are digital, printable one-sheet (front and back) versions of our wildly popular Essential Oils Academy Classes.
  • Unlike printed versions of tear pads, which must be purchased again and again as you run out of them, Essential Oils Academy Digital TearPads come with an unlimited printing license. Buy it once, and you never have to buy it again!
  • Print your Digital Tearpads at home, or send them to an office supply store to print as many as you like.

And you’ll get the Digital TearPad versions of all five Classes. That’s a $50.00 value in itself, but you’ll pay zero for it.

Which means that, including the five Classes, you’re getting $100.00 worth of proven, business-building tools to get you established online, for only $37.00.

Is getting your WA Voice back, and the ability to talk about crucial, life-changing issues in an engaging and compliant way, worth $37.00? I’ll bet it is.

But this is a one-time offer.

Getting your WA Voice Again starts with a single click: