What are Sample Cards?

Well, it is what it sounds like. It is a card that you can use for handing out Samples. This is a great way to have more information to give to people with a sample you might leave with them. We started out with a Sample Card for the Soothing Blend. We already get these samples in great packets that are easy to staple to the card and give to your waiter, hairdresser, teachers, coaches, or any service provider you may come in contact with. Heck, even someone taking your money in the drive thru!


We are also going to be providing more Sample Cards for certain oils. So what you will need to do is purchase a 1/2 inch hole puncher if you would like to slip a dram bottle in the card instead. This is part of our Unlimited Printing Program, so you get to print as many as you like! We even include directions on how to easily print these in Canva (super cheap) or at home. There is even a spot where you can add your own professional label with your name and contact info, 

Essential Oils Academy loves to serve you in helping you grow your EO Business. This is one of the many ways that we are expanding to meet your needs in every way we can think of!