Wholesale Membership 101


The Class consists of five ALBUMS of material:

  • ALBUM #1 – Welcome and Special Offers
  • ALBUM #2 – Healthy Home Survey
  • ALBUM #3 – Purchasing Product
  • ALBUM #4 – Special Programs
  • ALBUM #5 – Earning Income 


This WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP 101 CLASS will be something that you can utilize after every EOA class that you hold. When someone expresses an interest in learning more about purchasing at wholesale, you will be able to interact with them and show them all the benefits even if you are hundreds (or thousands) of miles apart!

This class is like the Membership Overview PLUS Business Overview all together in one place.

If you set these ALBUMS up in a VIP Group on Facebook, you can funnel people into the group at any time without them waiting on a class to attend. The interactive questions at the end of each post will help you understand how active they might be in becoming a USER, SHARER, or BUILDER for your oil business.

Set yours up today!