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Want the EOA Virtual Assistant to add those classes to your Landing Page?

If you want for EOA to publish PLUS add links and images to your landing page, then you will need the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT option.

– You will recieve a form in your confirmation email that you need to get back to us to do the work for you.
– Please add this product to your cart, then adjust the number of products to reflect how many classes you would like for us to manage.
– The form has a list of all of our products. Check off the ones you own and would like for us to publish for you.
– This amount is PER CLASS that you want us to publish on your EOA site for you.



It’s a wealth of material designed to make it easy for you to launch and manage game-changing introductory learning.

Benefits of UnBoxed
• This program can be used by any size team, from Executive to Presidential Diamond.
• Offers a downloadable guide book for each participant to refer to after completion.
• Training videos and posts are available to use for any leaders who are participating.
• Perfect easy online tracker to track any points.
• Daily challenges for each customer to learn how to use the Essential Oils covered.
• The simplified point system can be easily managed without need for recruiting or hiring a point monitor.
• The offered sample videos can be used or you can make your own.
• Simple wording that’s easy to understand.
• This training uses a simple 7-day format. Even the busiest people can jump in.
• It’s perfect for Facebook groups, social media learning pages, and even learning websites.
• Optional Website Add-On to have Essential Oils Academy upload this to your website for easy customer access.




  • INCLUDES $97 Class Material PLUS a $13 ADD-ON fee for us to transfer the class to your site.
  • Purchase your EOA Website for Online Classes FIRST if you do not have one.
  • Respond to the FORM in your confirmation email you’ll receive after purchasing this class, and include your EOA Website email and web address link so that we can get your class transferred to your site. Once we receive this information, your class will be transferred and set up on your site within 5 – 7 business days.