Essential Oils Academy is now providing

FUNNELS for your Essential Oil Business use. 

Have you always wanted to use a funnel, but din’t quite know how it worked? Well wonder no more! We are going to start you off with a simple funnel for you to get samples to interested people. You can run ads to create interest, and they will come to your Funnel Page and see a professional video that EOA has created on the certain essential oil (or you can add your own personalized video).

On the Funnel Page, they will fill out their Name and Email, then they will be taken to a form to put in their Mailing Address and Payment for SHIPPING on the Sample (this will help weed out the giveaway junkies). You can choose to do a small sample, or bigger bottle, it is up to you.

At the bottom of the page, there is a place where it says TAKE A CLASS, you can then funnel people into your online website class that matches the sample of oil that they are getting. How cool is that?!?

If you do not have a website with us already, you need to purchase one here with our personalized set-up – or create your own account here –

Want to see a DEMO of the Sample Funnel? You can even fill out the form, but know that WE are not sending out any oils, this is just an example!

AFTER PURCHASE: Make sure to check your confirmation email for a form to fill out for us to send you the Funnel, plus there is a link to the Dropbox File that will have a few images and an Instruction Guide to make it easy for you. We have a 3 step process in the Guide to get you up and running with your brand new Essential Oils Academy Funnel for Sampling out Essential Oils!