What’s going on in February

with doTERRA?

With all the featured specials and monthly focus, we have got you covered…we also have our own vision for the month as well!

Essential Oils Academy Focus

EOA Sexy Valentine - Special Package Offer


• Essential Oils in the Bedroom Full-Length Class
• Essential Oils in the Bedroom Engagement Posts
• Essential Oil Recipes for Intimacy Full-Length Class
• Essential Oil Recipes for Intimacy Engagement Posts
• Essential Oil Recipes for Everyday Beauty Full-Length Class
• Essential Oil Recipes for Everyday Beauty Engagement Posts
• Oils and Recipes for Lifelong Loving February Facebook Post Package


Already have some classes?

Then purchase them separately.

So what do you think of the specials this month?

Want to focus on sharing more information with your customers and team so that they understand the versatility and importance of the oils and products?

Let us help you with that! There is no need for you to spend hours and hours creating resources when we have them all ready for you!

Having resources in place for continuing education will help your tribe look to you as the expert. We are glad to offer you these classes, tearpads, and posts at such affordable prices!

With these classes, you can use each as a post in your groups or even in an email sequence. How will you use them?

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EO VET Ultimate Package

The EO Vet Ultimate Class Pack - $74.00  The EO Vet Ultimate Class Pack - WEBSITE VERSION - $130.00   BUY all of our Dr. Janet Roark - the EO Vet classes and get the matching Unlimited Printing Digital Tearpads for FREE! + EOs for Pets + EO Recipes for Pets...

The Ultimate 2020 Class Pack

The Ultimate 2020 Class Pack - $81.00   It seems as if our world is facing crisis after crisis, and some days I know the anxiety gets to me. How about you? I know that I am super thankful for the foundation of my strong faith and the Adaptive Capsules/oil on the side....

“Class in a Box” Master Pack

"Class in a Box" Master Pack - $49.97   dōTERRA has released their new Class in a Box Kit (CIAB) featuring Wild Orange and Soothing Blend samples. How can you make the best of this amazing new resource in a Brave New World where Online Building is the Only...