The Essential Oil 30-Day Spring Cleanse is the first in our new 30-Day Challenge Series. The perfect way to increase sales and generate new interest in Essential Oils, each Class in the series provides 30 unique posts for each day of the Challenge. We do all the work for you!

In The Essential Oil 30-Day Spring Cleanse, your customers will be guided through the 30-Day Spring Cleanse, with 30 daily posts specifying exact oil and supplement instructions for each day. The Class will also highlight additional oils, tips, and recipes on subjects related to the Cleanse, including:

• Health In The Kitchen
• Getting Enough Nutrients
• Sleep
• Exercise
• Staying Hydrated
And much more!

The Essential Oil 30-Day Spring Cleanse Class will cover everything your customers or team need to successfully experience a Spring Cleanse.

What better way to go through a cleanse than with a group of motivated people to cheer you on? If you have ever been hesitant to start a cleanse protocol because of not knowing how best to do it, your customer or team members may feel the same. The daily posts in The Essential Oil 30-Day Spring Cleanse take the guesswork out and allows you to fully be involved in helping others with their Spring Cleanse needs.





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