Save Up To 1500 Hours…And loads of MONEY!

Simplify your Essential Oils business in one brilliant move.

You’ve just discovered the easiest way to save a mind-boggling amount of time and have an entire year’s worth of online business activity ready to go, even at the busiest times of the year.

Introducing…The Essential Oils Academy Business Mentor in a Box!

For Wellness Advocates, the best way to simplify is to save time wherever possible.

What if you had a system that takes all the content-based aspects of your Essential Oils business—online classes, offline classes, newsletters, daily posts, team training—and handles the writing, editing, selection, arrangement, and scheduling for you?

What if this system includes all the content you need, for every day of the month, and every day of the year—all picked out in advance, including fun seasonal subject matter for Christmas, Spring Cleaning, New Year, Autumn, etc.?

What if it even included a schedule for the entire month (every month) so you don’t even have to figure out where everything should go?

What if this system was so complete that it was like having a virtual business mentor guiding you through the content challenges of each business day?

There is such a system, and Essential Oils Academy has created it.

We call it The Business Mentor in a Box.

The EOA Business Mentor in a Box

“Seeing all this amazing information at my fingertips is like having my own mentor and business partner!–Rebecca

The Business Mentor in a Box provides polished, professionally written and edited, engaging, compliant, fun content for:

* Every Day of the Year (Daily Facebook/Social Media Posts)
* Every Week of the Year (Online Classes, Digital TearPads)
* Every Month of the Year (Monthly Digital Magazine Newsletter Templates)

Plus a Pre-Set Example Calendar (in both weekly and daily forms) where tasks and events are all laid out for you (don’t worry: it’s fully editable so you can change anything you like).

Truly, this is a Complete Essential Oils Business Content Solution, and the very best way to simplify your Essential Oils Business, whether you are a leader of a large team, or a brand new builder; whether you’re looking for your first five customers or your next 50.

That’s what Wellness Advocates need. That’s also why we’re offering the Business Mentor in a Box at such an amazing price: better than 50% off the retail cost of all the items included in the Box (and even better for a Yearly Option).

Speaking of which, what is included in the Box?

In the Business Mentor in a Box, you’ll be guided by Angela Ikon (that’s the digital version of me!) through the wonderful world of business goodies we’ve included. Look for the little icons of me popping out of a box (as in the image above) throughout the Easy Setup Guide, where I’ll be pointing out important tips and answering common questions.

Beyond the Easy Setup Guide, you’ll get a digital box full of great content every month: Full-Length Classes, Mini Classes, Class Engagement Posts, Digital TearPads, PowerPoint versions, Daily Facebook/Social Media Posts, Digital Magazine Newsletter Templates, and more (see below for full list), plus a treasure trove of unique free bonuses.

Further, the Business Mentor in a Box is available in two editions: Standard and Website. The only difference is that the Website edition adds Wellness Advocate Website versions of all included Classes.

To give you an example of a typical month, here’s what’s included in the Business Mentor in a Box for the current month:


FAQ: "What if I normally run my business using My EOA Website?"

Not to worry: an upgrade is available that includes the website add-ons of all included Classes.

FAQ: "What if I already have some of the products in the Box?"

There’s much more to the Business Mentor in a Box than just the Classes. But if you do already own some of the Classes for some of the months, you’re getting them at such a remarkable discount here that it’s worth having an extra copy you can use to gift to a struggling team member or use as an incentive to promote growth.

FAQ: "Is this an ongoing subscription?"

The Business Mentor in a Box provides one year of content for your Essential Oils business. If you select the monthly payment option, you’ll make twelve monthly payments, after which the subcription will end. If you select the yearly payment option, you’ll make one yearly payment, with nothing further to pay.

The material in Business Mentor in a Box is both seasonal and evergreen: that is, we include content for every season of the year (Christmas, Summer, Autumn, New Year, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc), but you can reuse the material the following year, and each year after, if you like. By the time a year has rolled around, your posts and Classes from last Christmas will be fresh again (not to mention that you’ll have new folks who didn’t see it the previous year).

However, we do have more Classes for the various seasons than those included in the Business Mentor in a Box, so you can always supplement the Box in subsequent years with more of our low-priced Classes to provide a bit more variety.

Simplify Without Sacrificing Quality or Quantity

You can do it all yourself…but you don’t have to.

The EOA Business Mentor in a Box includes everything you need to keep your business going strong, and help you manage your team and customer schedule each month. We make it easy for Essential Oil business owners and mom-preneurs to keep up the needed momentum even when dealing with overwhelming time demands.

We provide everything you need to maintain a daily and weekly presence with your team and customers for every single day of the month and year, without missing a single, precious moment with your family and friends.

Finally Reach Your Business Goals in 2020

As a smart business owner, you know that you can’t just click a few clicks and then kick back and wait for the money to roll in. You know there are always questions to answer, customers to help, orders to take, and more. But the point of the EOA Business Mentor in a Box is that you do not have to spend the hundreds of hours it would take to create all the content we provide already done for you.

That’s why we advocate simplifying your Essential Oils business by not spending time on content creation, but letting us do it for you. That frees up precious time you can use to handle those aspects of your business that are more vital for you to be personally involved in. The extra boost provided by spending your business hours where they can do the most good is the difference you need to finally reach your business goals–Silver? Gold? Diamond? Beyond?

The Easy Setup Guide

The EOA Business Mentor in a Box Easy Setup Guide has full instructions for each aspect of the setup process, including an example of a Weekly and Daily Calendars, enabling you to more quickly and efficiently get everything ready for a productive, profitable, and less-stressful month. And you’ll have helpful tips and FAQs from Angela Ikon (the digital version of me!) to help make it even easier.

The Free Bonuses

We wanted to make the value of the Business Mentor in a Box so staggering that it really becomes a no-brainer for Wellness Advocates. So we added a treasure trove of free bonuses, including Engagement Posts (what used to be called Class Commercials; these are to help you promote your Classes online), Daily Facebook Posts, and even a 30-minute one on one coaching session with me (Angela Newsom, founder and CEO of Essential Oils Academy) to make sure you have all your questions answered on how to use the Business Mentor in a Box and all the great business-building products it contains.

Focus, Simplify, and Achieve Your Goals

The EOA Business Mentor in a Box is the complete content solution you have been waiting for. Save hundreds of hours and dollars. Build Your Business. Train Your Tribe. Never Lose Touch. Never Miss an Opportunity.

Get Business Mentor in a Box Standard Edition.

Get Business Mentor in a Box Web Edition.

Note: Because of the large amount of digital material provided, and the substantial savings offered, the EOA Business Mentor in a Box program does not allow for refunds, exchanges, or substitutions.