Essential Oils Academy introduces a powerful new tool for your business: Drops in Your Mailbox: Oils for Your Everyday Needs is the first in a series of Sample Campaigns. You will provide six sample oils to pre-qualified customers during a five-day event. We provide all the knowledge you need to successfully run the Drops In Your Mailbox campaign, with the goal of signing up motivated prospects for wholesale memberships.

This is the package you need to take your Essential Oils business to the next level. 

With your purchase, you will receive a Dropbox Folder that contains a complete instruction manual on how to run the Drops In Your Mailbox Sample Campaign. We also provide posts and images that you will need for each of the five days of the event. To maximize the effectiveness of Drops In Your Mailbox, you will personally create nine, short simple videos (two to four minutes each) to post in your Group, Event, or EOA WebsiteBut we also provide a Video and Post Guide, which provides outlines of all the content you’ll need for every video. Creating these videos will set your event apart from other sales campaigns.

If you would like to include other leaders in your campaign, they will need to purchase their own copy of Oils In Your Mailbox. Working with other leaders helps in sharing the video creation work, allows you to hold more giveaways, and makes it possible to invite a larger group to the campaign.

If you have been looking for a new way to grow your business by converting motivated prospects into regular customers, Oils In Your Mailbox is exactly what you have been waiting for.


An Essential Oils Sample Campaign that teaches you how to share these oils with prospects:

Respiratory Blend

Protective Blend


• Lemon


• Soothing Blend Lotion Packet


 You provide the samples, we provide the “know-how”.




  • INCLUDES $20 Class Material PLUS the $8 ADD-ON fee for us to transfer the class to your EOA website. We RECOMMEND that you upload each post the day it is needed, or use the drip feature, if you have an upgrade to use that option.
  • Purchase your EOA Website for Online Classes FIRST if you do not have one.
  • Respond to the FORM in your confirmation email you’ll receive after purchasing this class, and include your EOA Website email and web address link so that we can get your class transferred to your site. Once we receive this information, your class will be transferred and set up on your site within 5 – 7 business days.




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