Reviews and Testimonials

“I had 17 individuals purchase Lavender Oil [after attending the Lavender Mini-Class]… This is an increase from ALL the months I have been doing doTERRA. This is 3/4 of my active monthly ordering team. I had three order that have not ordered for four or more months!”
– Karen

This was tremendously helpful to me understanding how it should work. I’m very happy with my first purchase and can hardly wait for more! I’ve wanted to do online classes for a long time and just didn’t know where to start. I also really appreciate all of your patient and detailed instructions and explanations.
– Janet

“I cannot believe how much content there is in the classes you created, Angela! I love the idea that I can do this at home, in my pjs. I’m already getting attendees!”
– Joanne

“Thanks again for all your lovely FB classes. I’m loving the idea of not having to do all this work myself.”
– Stefanie

“These classes are great! Easy to set up and you get to learn more about what people are thinking and feeling! I find that, in a regular live class, people are nervous to voice things, but the Facebook classes allow them all to share freely! Thank you!”
– Patsy

“I did two FB classes recently – 101 and Bible – and one of the attendees of both just called me up yesterday and ordered a kit and some other products! Thank you for this resource!”
– Evelyn

“I started this class yesterday and have had so much positive feedback from my guests.”
– Kim

“All of the goodies that come along with the classes make my job so much easier – and my presentations so much more fun! The teacher’s guide, the master copy of the text posts, the images, a fun free coloring page, AND a customer guidebook to email to all students as a follow-up…super-helpful!
– Hannah

“These classes are great! Easy to set up and you get to learn more about what people are thinking/feeling! I find that even in a regular live class, people are nervous to voice things but the FB classes allow them all to share freely! Thank you!”
– Chris

“Attendees were definitely excited and appreciative of the great information!”
– Shawn

“I presented your EO 101 class yesterday. My attendees genuinely LOVED the class and I got several comments on how much they learned from it, and how entertaining it was…These people were glued to it…and all very participatory!”
– Tanya

“I just wanted to say THANKS for offering these awesome classes! I was a little skeptical on how they would engage folks online, but not now! Looking forward to holding more events and getting more classes from you!”
– Emily

“These classes are great! Easy to set up and you get to learn more about what people are thinking/feeling! I find that even in a regular live class, people are nervous to voice things but the FB classes allow them all to share freely! Thank you!”
– Marilyn

These are AMAZING classes! I have them set up on my website and I use them to teach classes and make&takes. What I love best is that there are so many choices, a class for everything, and they make you feel confident teaching even when you are just starting out!”
– Brenda

“Thank you for creating and offering these classes – they will be immensely useful to wallflowers like me!!”
– Danita

“Thank you so much for such wonderful classes! You have saved me SO much time!”
– Anthony

“I love how bright, colorful & PRACTICAL the EOA classes are – they are attention-getting, interactive & COMPLIANT! I have used them in Facebook events & groups where I presented them slide by slide; in Facebook Live events where I would “share the screen” and talk through each slide; and last night I used them in a video conference call where I could actually see the participants as I was using the PowerPoint presentation. I have also used them for “in-person” classes [one time without ANY slides because the video projector wasn’t working…and the content was still great!].”
– Carrie

“I have almost ALL your classes, but wish to add, that as we purchase your classes we LEARN so much by posting and sharing them! Your classes are unique, valuable learning tools for all Wellness Advocates that cannot be found anywhere else. Your hours of dedication in each class are a gift. Thank you Angela, thanks to this experience of participating in your class I now have a greater insight and understanding of how enjoyable a FB class really is, and this has encouraged me no end to continue sharing.”

“I just want to say THANK YOU for creating the most amazing classes for us to share the essential oil knowledge online! I just had my upline host two classes and I love the format.”
– Lolou

One of the neatest things about the class is that Angela has done all of the hard work for us — the WORDS!

We can tweak pictures and add some personalization if we think it’s needed. 

But not being required to create the commentary from scratch is brilliant!
– Stephen

Flow was great, the wording and questions seem like they would really draw in and connect with the reader, and I am super intrigued by this format. I have contemplated it, but haven’t known how to implement it.
– Ashley

It’s wonderful! Really shows the attendees how they can use oils everywhere!!
– Carlee

“The best part… I got a couple of enrollments AND many interested in enrolling & asking for more info!”
– Tiffany

“I think they’re a great resource–that you can use over and over again–for a very economical price. I can’t imagine running my business without them now.”
– Chrissy

“I just had my first class and it was fantabulous – thank you!!!”
– Brittany

“I am an author, educator, missionary, first responder, and gold advocate of the oils and believe that when I sign someone up into the oils that it is vitally important they understand the oils, their benefits, and how to use them properly. People learn in different ways and in today’s fast-paced society we have to be able to give our clients and team-members options for learning that fit their schedule. Essential Oil Academy does just that!

Whether someone wants to learn through a self paced class, live at a presentation, or from the comfort of their living room for an online FB or zoom teaching – EOA sets you up to be the expert and provides the best compliant information, tools, and programs for you. Their customer service is amazing, their graphics, funnels, tear sheets and other items far surpass anything I have ever seen before. Again, they make YOU the expert, it looks very professional, the information is excellent, and it is all compliant.

Honestly I could not have ask for anything more in a company. But I back up my words with this – I own every class they have and excitedly look forward to each and every new one they have coming out. If you want to help people learn – look no farther! Angela and her team are experienced and wonderful people to work with even if you have no idea what you are doing or if your are technically challenged – they have you covered!

My experience with them from day 1 has been nothing more than a real blessing – Thank you Essential Oil Academy for all you are doing to help us provide the best training, education, and fun into our oil business!”
– Eve