“Class in a Box” Master Pack – $49.97


dōTERRA has released their new Class in a Box Kit (CIAB) featuring Wild Orange and Soothing Blend samples. How can you make the best of this amazing new resource in a Brave New World where Online Building is the Only Building? You need a strategy for holding online Classes where you can use the samples in the CIAB Kit. And we’ve got just the thing: our new Class in a Box Master Pack! This great new resource is the perfect complement to the CIAB Kit. It includes:

* Wild Orange Mini-Class
* Wild Orange Digital TearPad
* Wild Orange Facebook Posts
* Wild Orange Funnel
* Wild Orange Lead Magnet
* Soothing Blend Mini-Class
* Soothing Blend Digital TearPad
* Soothing Blend Facebook Posts
* Soothing Blend Sample Cards

Everything you need to make a big online splash using precisely the samples provided in the CIAB Kit. If you bought them all separately, you would spend $63. But not today. If you get the Class in a Box Master Pack now, your cost is only $49.97, which is a savings of more than 20%! Click the Add to Cart button to the left. Or purchase the items separately below.

Wild Orange Mini Class – $7


CLASS with ($8) WEBSITE ADD-ON – $15.00


FREE FB Post Package



Wild Orange Digital Tearpad – $10


Wild Orange Sample Funnel – $15


Wild Orange Lead Magnet e-book – $4


Soothing Blend Mini Class – $7


CLASS with ($8) WEBSITE ADD-ON – $15.00


Soothing Blend Digital Tearpad – $10


Soothing Blend Sample Card – $10


FREE Soothing Blend FB Post Package