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Get paid on the 7th of every month!

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As an Essential Oils Academy Affiliate, you will receive 25% of sales your refer for Essential Oils Academy Facebook Classes.

Our affiliate program is provided through partnership with eJunkie. Here’s how you join:

    1. Click this link: Join our Affiliate Program! This will take you to the Affiliate Admin.
    2. You will see an option for Your Affiliate Programs. Click the drop-down menu that indicates Select Merchant. Select Essential Oils Academy. (If this option is not there, close the eJunkie window and click the link again to reset; or if you already have an eJunkie account, log out and log back in, and the Essential Oils Academy option should appear.)
    3. Scroll down to find this: Common Hop Link (recommended). This is your affiliate link, which you will post on your page or site, in emails, etc. (but see specific instructions below). It should look like this:

      <a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle”>Click here to visit Essential Oils Academy.</a>

If you are adding the link to your website, this is the link you would use. But if you are sharing the link on Facebook, you should only use a certain part of the link: the section between the first two quotation marks (i.e., “___”). In other words, just the URL itself, which begins with “https://” It should look something like this:

Let’s try it again, just for practice:

First, this is the link to use on your website, or in an email: <a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle”>Click here to visit Essential Oils Academy.</a>

Second, this is the part you take out of the link above, to use on Facebook:

Your affiliate link takes customers to the Essential Oils Academy site, but with your unique ID to track purchases and enable us to pay you for sales you refer. Just Promote and Earn!

Still need some help?  See this helpful video explaining how to set up and use and use the eJjunkie affiliate link.