Essential Oils Academy


Making YOU the EO Expert

Hi, I’m Angela! I live way out in the Southern

countryside with my husband and seven children.

We homeschool our children in a log cabin on a

hill in the woods, and life could not be sweeter.

My Story

I became a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA in 2014 when I was pregnant with my 6th child (we now have 7!). I had experience with many different direct sales businesses in the past and knew what to expect. So I started thinking about how in the world I was going to do in-home classes with a newborn and five other little ones.

After researching what was available online (which was not much), I started developing my own 101 class.

Then it happened. If you have been with dōTERRA long enough, you remember when the FDA thing came down and EVERYTHING disappeared. 

I had an idea. I contacted dōTERRA Compliance and started working on developing classes using the language that was “legal” for WAs. At first I only used these classes for my team, but then word got around and others started asking about using them. It was at that moment that I knew what I needed to do to help give Wellness Advocates a voice again, and so Essential Oils Academy was born!

My Approach

Most of the time, Wellness Advocates are taught to share the same information in every class they teach. While this is a great starting point, we recommend a different, long-term strategy that enables you to get in front of your customers on a regular basis with exciting, always-new information.

You want people to learn to come to you with all of their questions because they know that you are the EO Expert.  You want them excited and asking questions about the next topic you will share in your home, at the library, or on your online class website.

But who has the time to create all that content?

When you have access to an extensive library of fun, interactive, and compliant online classes, it makes it easy to grow your business. We take all the hard work out of class prep, saving you thousands of hours of content creation time, and freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects of your business, so you can rank up to the next level and reach your dreams!

What you get from EOA…

  • Essential Oils Academy Online Classes were created with you in mind. We have made it easy for even the beginner to successfully set up and hold a compliant online class with easy-to-follow instructions. With over 145 different classes to choose from (including Spanish and French versions of our popular Essential Oils 101), you’ll always be ready with a library of classes on a variety of topics at your fingertips. Soon, your customers will recognize you as a key Essential Oils Expert, an important educational resource for all their questions and needs.
  • After purchase, all classes are yours to use as many times as you would like. But each person must buy their own class for business use–no sharing allowed. Your purchase will come with ongoing support and compliance updates: when compliance guidelines change, you’ll get the updated language for free.
  • You can view our Demo Class to get an idea of how it works. And be sure to read what others have said about our classes!
  • Want to get a deal on multiple Classes to accelerate your online oil business or gift them to your team? We have Bundle deals for you to choose from.

  • Prefer the benefits of online Classes without spending time setting them up? Get an Essential Oils Academy Class Website, and we’ll handle all the setup for you.
  • Looking to expand your business offline? Each full-length Class is also available in our unique, innovative Digital TearPad format with unlimited printing.