Welcome to the 3 Steps to Wellness Program! 

Essential Oils Academy is introducing something revolutionary that has never been available before. The idea came from a Diamond that told us she has people every month contacting her to ask what to order. From this in depth conversation, we came up with a framework. Then the vision came. When we showed a few people what it looked like, they flipped. It was something they never knew they needed. And now they wanted it BAD and wanted us to continue making more ASAP.

Here is a quick testimonial:

I’m overwhelmed to tears. I have been trying for THREE YEARS to get these pieces of the puzzle together in one place and I have been so discouraged because I feel NOT SMART ENOUGH to translate the amazing resources I’ve found into my own look and voice that I give up. My website is done. My classes are edited. I have a funnel. I have all the tearpads and the knowledge of how to teach an in person class. I know how to follow up. There are still a few things I’m working out BUT THIS IS ONE OF THE THINGS I’VE BEEN AVOIDING. Because I want pretty ebooks and resources I just don’t have the patience to do them. I am so thankful that EOA caught the vision. This is going to be big and I don’t have to beat my head against the wall anymore. 

What is the 3 Steps to Wellness Program about? 

The 3 steps in the program refer to 3 months. We are providing detailed (but not overwhelming) information on 3 months of ordering pertaining to a certain topic of choice. So for example, you have the 3 Steps to More Energy. In this ebook you will find products to order, how to use them each day, diffuser blends, roller bottle and inhaler recipes, a daily checklist to help with setting a routine, and more!

Your customers and team will become confident oil users when they have a protocol that they can easily follow. And after the third month, the oils from the first month will most likely be empty and in need for re-order. So they start the cycle over again or move on to another topic in the 3 Steps to Wellness Program.

Can I see a demo on what it looks like?

The 3 Steps to Wellness ebook is a beautiful, colorful guide that looks amazing and professional. We did an interview and walk through for the ebook. This will show you exactly what you will get and give you ideas on how to start incorporating it into your business…

We are also offering a 3 Steps to Wellness Landing Page so that you have the perfect place to send your customers and team to download their ebooks. See our demo here.

IT CAN TAKE 7-10 DAYS FOR YOUR PAGE TO BE TRANSFERRED. If you do not have a website with us already, you need to purchase one from us here (that includes the 101 Class, Class Register Page, and Class Landing Page) or create your own free one at https://bit.ly/EOA-Strikingly (that will only be use to “house” the 3 STEPS Landing Page).