Major New Announcement From Essential Oils Academy—Great News For EO Business Builders

This is Big News indeed—news of a major new innovation from Essential Oils Academy.

This could be the best value going for Wellness Advocates—a way to save even more time and have an entire month’s worth of online business activity ready to go, even at the busiest times of the year.

Introducing…The Essential Oils Academy AutoPilot Subscription Box!

You’re all familiar with Subscription Boxes: a recurring delivery of various products, either physical or digital. In other words, you subscribe to a company and receive a collection of specific products on a regular basis (e.g., monthly).

Subscription Boxes are all the rage: it seems everyone has them. And no wonder: they introduce added convenience and cost-savings for products used on a regular basis.

And for Wellness Advocates, what better Subscription Box could there be than one filled with Facebook Classes, Daily Post Packages, Digital TearPads, and more?

That’s why we have created a special December/Christmas edition as our premier EOA AutoPilot Subscription Box (everything you need to keep your business running strong during a month when small home businesses often languish for a lack of time): this is a one-shot “subscription” to pave the way for a regular, recurring monthly Subscription that will be available in December for 2019.

That’s also why we’re offering this inaugural Subscription Box at such an amazing price: better than 50% off the retail cost of all the items included in the Box.

Speaking of which, what items are included in the Box?


What if I normally run my business using My EOA Website?

Not to worry: an upgrade is available for both the Wellness Advocate and Leader Editions that includes the website add-ons of all included Classes. More on that below.

What if I already have some or all of the Classes in this Box?

Here’s a couple of reasons why it’s still worth picking up: First, we also include a free EOA AutoPilot Subscription Box Easy Setup Guide, which not only takes you Step By Step through the process of setting everything up, but also contains a new method of Class setup that has the potential to save even more time while making your social media outreach more streamlined, organized, and effective. Second, as you see, you’re getting all these Classes at such a low price that it makes sense to get them as part of this Subscription Box and use the extra copies as Gifts for your team members, either upline or downline.

The Leader Edition

So the Leader Edition includes everything in the Wellness Advocate Edition, but adds the Team Newsletter Template, the Leadership University Class, and five copies of the EOA Coloring Book (to be given as gifts at a special Team Christmas Party—more on that in a moment).

In short, this special, one-of-a-kind Subscription Box includes everything you need to keep your business from drying up during December, a month when it is extremely hard for home business owners and mom-preneurs to keep up the needed momentum due to the overwhelming time demands of the Christmas season.

We provide everything you need to maintain a daily and weekly presence for every single day of the month, without missing a single, precious Christmas moment with your family and friends.

And The Name?

AutoPilot means the content creation is done for you, and, once set up, is automated and runs itself. It does not mean, of course, that you can just click a few clicks and then kick back and wait for the money to roll in. As a business owner, you know that there are always questions to answer, customers to help, orders to take, and more. But the point of AutoPilot is that you do not have to spend the hundreds of hours it would take to create everything that the EOA AutoPilot Subscription Box Easy Setup Guide provides already-done for you.

The Setup Guide

The EOA AutoPilot Subscription Box Easy Setup Guide has full instructions for each aspect of the setup process, enabling you to more quickly and efficiently get everything ready for a productive, profitable, and less-stressful Christmas season.

It even includes full instructions for leaders to hold a combined team training/Christmas party online, complete with pre-written invitation and announcement templates, games, and recipes for refreshments! This is a great idea that I would encourage you to try for maximum team impact and encouragement, not to mention a lot of fun.

Now the best part: the price. If you purchased everything in the Wellness Advocate edition of the EOA AutoPilot December Subscription Box separately, you’d pay $94.00. But we’re cutting that cost in half—and then some—by tossing in Class Commercials and the EOA AutoPilot Subscription Box Easy Setup Guide for free, and making the entire package a mere $47.00.

Likewise, the resources included in the Leader Edition retail for $154, but this package too includes Class Commercials and the EOA AutoPilot Subscription Box Easy Setup Guide for free, and the total cost of the package is cut by more than 50%, coming in at $77.00.

That’s solid value: a wealth of proven business-building materials at a major discount.

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