Reviews and Testimonials

“My upline 3 levels up contacted me and wanted to know how I TRIPLED my team in one month…it was all due to Essential Oils Academy FB Classes!” Crystal 

“I held 2 classes and signed up 6 new wholesale memberships and got 20 new contacts!” Jana

“I just want to say THANK YOU for creating the most amazing classes for us to share the essential oil knowledge online! I just had my upline host two classes and I love the format.” Lolou

“I have almost ALL your classes, but wish to add, that as we purchase your classes we LEARN so much by posting and sharing them! Your classes are unique, valuable learning tools for all Wellness Advocates that cannot be found anywhere else. Your hours of dedication in each class are a gift. Thank you Angela, thanks to this experience of participating in your class I now have a greater insight and understanding of how enjoyable a FB class really is, and this has encouraged me no end to continue sharing.” Antar

One of the neatest things about the class is that Angela has done all of the hard work for us — the WORDS!


We can tweak pictures and add some personalization if we think it’s needed.


But not being required to create the commentary from scratch is brilliant!

Stephen Fox


Flow was great, the wording and questions seem like they would really draw in and connect with the reader, and I am super intrigued by this format. I have contemplated it, but haven’t known how to implement it.

Ashless Logan

It’s wonderful! Really shows the attendees how they can use oils everywhere!!

Carlee Marie


This was tremendously helpful to me understanding how it should work. I’m very happy with my first purchase and can hardly wait for more! I’ve wanted to do online classes for a long time and just didn’t know where to start. I also really appreciate all of your patient and detailed instructions and explanations.

Janet Pryce