These FUN mini classes can be used as a Class, as Facebook Posts (for your customers or Team), as a Webinar, or even set up in a drip email Campaign. They have 12-15 posts with a unique twist to get attention from your attendees.

All mini classes include a coloring page that you can print as many times as you like for your Team or Customers after they take the class.

The Mini Fun Class Series is based on a simple idea: draw customers with fun and light-hearted content, but with a core of important Essential Oils knowledge built in.



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I don’t want to alarm you, but you need to be aware…

Monsters are all around us! (Especially in the month of October, with Halloween just around the corner.)

The best way to deal with monsters is to Get Rid Of Them. But if your customers find themselves a bit short on wooden stakes and silver bullets, they may find they just need to live with them for a while. And that’s where Essential Oils Academyand you!come in!

What kind of oils would you give a vampire? What about a werewolf? And what if you find yourself exhibiting some monsterly characteristics on a bad day? It’s times like these that we absolutely MUST know how to use Essential Oils for Monsters!

Introducing the brand new Essential Oils Academy Class series, the Mini Fun Class!

This remarkable, unique, super fun Mini Class is filled with humorous, but effective ways to use Essential Oils on everyday monsters—but if your customers are not careful, they may just learn a bunch of helpful tips for using Essential Oils with them and their families, too!

With this new Class, you can have a blast teaching your customers how Essential Oils can help vampires, werewolves, mummies, zombies, witches, and more, while introducing them to a wealth of Essential Oils, blends, and other products, as well as a trick-or-treat bag full of tips, recipes, and fun!

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