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With over 100 Online Classes, plus Digital TearPads, Class Websites, and more, Essential Oils Academy saves you hundreds of hours of content creation time, and helps you become a true Essential Oils Expert.

For information, inspiration, and fun as you Grow Your Essential Oils Business the Easy Way, be sure to listen to our Essential Oils Academy Business Builders Podcast. And learn more about EOA with our Free Class, What is Essential Oils Academy?


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With an Essential Oils Academy Class Website, you get all the benefits of holding online Classes, with all the setup done for you.

Build Your Business. Train Your Tribe.

Essential Oils Academy Online Classes (see our Complete Catalogwere created with you in mind. We have made it easy for even the beginner to successfully set up and hold a compliant online class with easy-to-follow instructions. With over 100 different classes to choose from (including a Spanish version of our popular Essential Oils 101), you’ll always be ready with a library of classes on a variety of topics at your fingertips. Soon, your customers will recognize you as a key Essential Oils Expert, an important educational resource for all their questions and needs.

After purchase, all classes are yours to use as many times as you would like. But each person must buy their own class for business use–no sharing allowed. Your purchase will come with ongoing support and compliance updates: when compliance guidelines change, you’ll get the updated language for free.

You can view our Demo Class to get an idea of how it works. And be sure to read what others have said about our classes!

Want to get a deal on multiple Classes to accelerate your online oil business or gift them to your team? We have Bundle deals for you to choose from.

Prefer the benefits of online Classes without spending time setting them up? Get an Essential Oils Academy Class Website, and we’ll handle all the setup for you.

Looking to expand your business offline? Each full-length Class is also available in our unique, innovative Digital TearPad format with unlimited printing.


Angela Newsom

Founder, Essential Oils Academy

What Essential Oils Academy Customers Are Saying…

“My upline 3 levels up contacted me and wanted to know how I TRIPLED my team in one month…it was all due to Essential Oils Academy Classes!”

“You’re a life saver for me! I wouldn’t have an online presence at all without you.”

“I held 2 classes and signed up 6 new wholesale memberships and got 20 new contacts!”

“These classes are 100% compliant AND complete for us to use on social media. They are AMAZING and worth every penny!! My business has grown SO much since I started using them!”

“My attendees genuinely LOVED the class and I got several comments on how much they learned from it, and how entertaining it was. These people were glued to it, and all very participatory!”

“Thank you so much for these wonderful classes! You have saved me SO much time!”

“EOA Classes are a great resource—that you can use over and over again—for a very economical price. I can’t imagine running my business without them now.”

“l am loving your classes. They are beautifully done and so packed with great tips and ideas. I appreciate you making it SO easy!”

“I have had really good success with EOA classes! I’ve been able to hold classes all around the country and expand my downline without having to leave home.”

“I cannot believe how much content there is in the classes you created, Angela! I love the idea that I can do this at home, in my pjs. I’m already getting attendees!”

“Thank you for making it so affordable and easy.”

“Thanks again for all your lovely FB classes. I’m loving the idea of not having to do all this work myself.”

“Because of these amazing, five-star, compliant classes, I no longer have to create my own, saving me valuable time…these classes make it easy to not just share about the oils but make the compliance part easy too!”

“I highly recommend Essential Oils Academy to give you a boost in your oils education and customer care!!”

“For anyone who may be considering using Essential Oils Academy to grow their essential oils business, I wholeheartedly suggest they subscribe to the well-planned curriculums offered by EOA.”

“EOA is my go-to source for both FB & in-person classes!”

“It’s like you have just completely reinvigorated my passion for my business.”

“THIS has just changed the game for me.”

“My team & I have re-engaged & they are getting excited about oils again.”

“I couldn’t do it without your classes.”

“Your system makes it super fast and easy for me to get everything scheduled for the month.”

“The engagement this month has been amazing.”

“These classes are the best. The information is wonderful and trustworthy! Excellent customer service!”

See Our Reviews Page for more testimonials about Essential Oils Academy.

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